Anna Sandalaki

I will bring you flowers where they know you are and where I know you are’ in two different places.» Antonio Porchia (1886-1968),
«Voces» («Voices»)
Paper collage on book cover
33.5 x 21.5 cm, 2020

I am Anna Sandalaki, from Greece and I’m living in Chania of Crete. I have studied Social Policy & Social Anthropology in Athens. Though I make my living working in a private company, some years ago I started dedicating myself to analog collage art. I’ve already participated in various group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad (USA, United Kingdom, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Holland, Ireland, Belgium for the time being).

A collage is kind of a mirror (and is, maybe, a fragmented mirror). The visual reflection of our feelings, thoughts, concerns, memories and dreams. Each one of us can read different realities or stories “on” this boundless and magic looking glass.

I take immense pleasure in creating visuals in black and white and visuals from a surrealist point of view, through which I can explore the potential of the inevitable and worthwhile alternation of the bright and dark side of ourselves.
The materials used in my collages are mainly paper from second-hand books, vintage or recent magazines, as well as acrylic paint, spray paint and watercolor. Other media also, plus stencil techniques for the envisaged composition.

Main influences and sources of inspiration are people, indie rock, ambient music, swing, photography, nature, anxiety and dark chocolate.

Paper collage and acrylic on canvas panel
30 x 24 cm, 2017
Achkena, a no man’s land
Paper collage & tea bag on canvas panel
18 x 24 cm, 2020
As if from a distance #2
Paper collage on book cover
24.5 x 28.5 cm, 2021
As if from a distance #3
Paper collage and acrylic on book cover
12.5 x 15.5 cm, 2021
I won’t stay here till I’m somebody else
Paper collage on book covers
24 x 32.5 cm, 2018
“The carcass of Envy” [“Αφθονία”]
Mixed media/Assemblage
15 x 23 cm, 2020
The Wedge, the Broken Tile and a Key
Collage/Assemblage on a vintage wooden printer drawer: paper, scsi cables, a wedge, a broken tile, and divers items
Height 43 cm x Length 37 cm x Width 5 cm, 2017
Whenever Auntie moves around,
Her dresses make a curious sound
Mixed media collage on vintage poetry book illustration from “A Child’s Garden of Verses”, by Robert Louis Stevenson
21.5 x 16 cm, 2019
Your own wings. It was
Paper, acrylic and fragments of a worn wall on canvas panel
18 x 24 cm, 2019


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