Empathy – How do I express empathy? Deadline 22-11-2021 (English)

International Open Call

Empathy. How do I express empathy?

From 4 october – Deadline 22 november 2021

October 10 is the World Mental Health Day created by the World Federation of Mental Health in agreement with the World Health Organization WHO and throughout the month of October there will be many initiatives promoted on this issue.

Italian Collagists Collective has always been very sensitive and attentive to issues and problems related to mental health.

With regard to this issue, the newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, in an article of 22 April 2021, headlines that due to Covid 19 an increase of at least 30% of patients taken into care by the SSN is estimated.

It is our opinion that no one can be so strong and confident as to be certain that he will never go through periods that could put him to the test, periods in which he could collapse and need help. A help that many do not ask for out of shame, fear, pride, or simply because they are not able to ask for help, others ask for it cryptically, hoping that someone will understand his “messages”. We could go on but we stop here.

Italian Collagists Collective therefore wishes to promote an artistic initiative and invite all artists of analogue collage, mixmedia collage (collage with acrylic, watercolor, photography, etc.), assemblage, to participate to International Call: Empathy. How do I express empathy?

Italian Collagists Collective therefore invites all artists in the world to first carefully reflect on the theme of Empathy and then to represent, through the artistic technique that the artist practices, himself, in an empathic attitude.

Therefore, each artist will have to represent how he exercises his empathic capacity towards others, especially the most fragile people.


📌There are no participation fees / Tax free

📌All works must be absolutely unpublished

📌 Digital collages, and any other digital work, will not be taken into consideration

📌Those who want to participate can publish their work on Instagram, in a good resolution, accompanied by:

1. description: title, measurements, technique, material, etc.

2. Incorporate the color green, the color of mental health, visible in the second image

3. Write a single word that summarizes the empathic act for the artist

4. Write the following both hastag in the caption:

#ICCPromoteEmpathy2021 #italiancollagistscollective

📌You can also submit more works, but will be chosen only one from those that the artist will propose

📌The dimensions are free

📌The selection will be very accurate and the most significant works will be selected, more precise in the technique and which will have respected the theme of the announcement.

📌 Will be selected 25 artists

📌 The selected artists will be contacted by social networks and invited to send to italiancollagistscollective@gmail.com a file in hight risolution indicating personal data: Name and Surname – Address – City – State – Telephone – e-mail address, and all information about the work presented: title, size, technique, material, etc. sito the single word that summarizes the empathic act for the artist.

📌The list of selected artists will be published on the Italian Collagists Collective website and on its social channels.

📌The artists at the time of participation allow to Italian Collagists Collective the reproduction rights of the works and texts released to the same, which will be used to create the book, archive the subscriptions and advertise the works on the web pages or for other forms of communication and activities of Italian Collagists Collective. The photographic material and other materials sent for participation will not be returned, but kept by ICC.

📌The works of the selected artists will be collected and published in a final book with Code ISBN

📌For the high production costs also linked to the quality of the publication, as well as to the administrative obligations that must be fulfilled for our publications, the book cannot then be the subject of a tribute to the participating and selected artists, but will be available to all, in sale with pre-order, even for the artists who have been selected. The sale will partial cover production and project costs.

The book will have the value of pubblication in the curriculum vitae of the selected artist, as well as all our publications.

It should be noted that the selected collages and the single words chosen by each artist to summarize their empathic act, will be published in the book, also in the logic of giving an answer to the requests of the most fragile people and therefore in “combination” with them.*

Therefore, in the light of the last paragraph, the “Artbrut22” Group will take part in this initiative, a project born from a loan from the PUGLIA REGION pursuant to Notice no. 1/2018 “Puglia Social Capital 2.0”, managed by the “OCCHI VERDI” social promotion association. The latter is an association born within the PHOENIX GROUP – Management Body of psychiatric rehabilitation facilities – with the aim of promoting social inclusion and better quality of life paths https://www.gruppophoenix.eu

Artbrut22 has its factory in Rutigliano – Bari – S.P. 240 Km. 13,800, is divided into workshops of painting, sculpture and video-art, with web-TV http://www.ventidue.tv

📌Deadline November 22, 2021 (there will be no extensions)

*The requests of the most fragile peole can be expressed also through their art works.

Thanks to all those who will participate!


Green color to use, even in small part


Food for thought

What is empathy?

-From the Greek, en-pathos “to feel inside”, consists in recognizing the emotions of others as if they were one’s own, immersing oneself in the reality of others to understand their points of view, thoughts, feelings, emotions and “pathos”.

-Empathy means commitment to understand one’s neighbor, excluding any personal affective attitude (sympathy, antipathy) and any moral judgment.

-It means grasping the sense of what the interlocutor asserts, and being able to grasp even the most hidden psycho-emotional meaning. This allows you to expand the value of the message, capturing elements that often go beyond the semantic content of the sentence, explaining its metacommunication, that is, that truly significant part of the message.

-Empathy can be considered a form of knowledge, but also a skill that can be practiced, trained, and in which one can become an expert.


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A special mention is given to the following artists

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