Luciano Ferreira

Luciano, or Seulu – as presented at the front of his creation, is an artist in constant training, a changeable form, willing and extremely curious.

Born in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and from design, he seems to carry with him the appropriation of his story while groping the various pictorial forms he chooses for each work, the result of several phases that he challenges himself to live through. I want to embrace the world – in his own words, it’s a phrase that speaks well of the power that fits there.

Although he officially started his creative construction while getting his degree and exercising Design, it is certain that his backstory includes experiments and handcrafts inherited from his mother, a seamstress; and his father, a goldsmith.

creative stimulations experienced in childhood ended up occupying a place of escape and encounter where only he was able to find himself. And also reside there.

With a lot of aesthetic interference from design, Seulu embarks on the aesthetic experiments of collage on canvas, giving voice to his own self – residente of notebooks of affective memories that have been with him ever since. It is as if space transcends the surface, claiming compression, claiming for air, claiming for his voice. From then on, a linear chronology of techniques and pictorial essays is perceived to be revealed in each fragment of word, color, texture, image or material. The experimentation finally finds its place of essence, where it dances free from any arbitrary limit of expressive censorship.

Something of an encounter with the emotional multiplicity that inhabits and boils there, since long ago, and even today.

From the moment of finding this place, his creative process has explored all the boundaries that present themselves in the desire for the experimentable, moving through forms, materials and textures that propose an artistic singularity while sewing affective patches of known and unconscious memories. And in the exercise of this improvisation the artist also dies to be reborn, revisiting – while creating, a family dystopia, after all, “art is an experimental exercise of freedom”, as Mario Pedrosa said. Free yourself to let yourself be what you are.

A Voz (the voice)
mixed media
paper, marker, acrylic and pencil on paper
300 x 450 mm
O Ponto Firme
paper and pencil on pasteboard
292 x 320 mm
Meu Corpo (my body)
mixed media
paper, pen, marker, watercolor on canson paper
230 x 168 mm
Pele (skin)
mixed media, tissue paper, acrylic on paper
210 x 148mm

mixed media
paper, marker, letterset and pencil on paper
292 x 320 cm

Códigos (codes)
Collage paper and letterset on carton paper
292 x 320 cm
Cinco (five)
mixed media paper, marker and pen on canson paper
250 x 175mm